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Accent Studio Ltd. Was established in 1993. The Studio's major activity is PRODUCTION and POSTPRODUCTION.

We offer full cycle service of videoediting and colorcorrection, initial and terminal subtitlese laboration and production, shots clearing (cables, safety halyards, microphones in a shot) and computer graphics. Sound is processed in the following formats: MONO, STEREO, Dolby Digital SURROUND EX. Post dubbing of audio is maintain edit production facilities, this type of service of the Studio includes recording of synchronous noises specially equipped film studios, SOUND DESIGN by employing libraries, including those of the own Studio productions.

In 2010 the Studio obtained the DOLBY Laboratories Inc Certificate of sound production and dubbing in Dolby Digital Surround EX format. The quality is controled up to all the TV and cinema standards by Studio's own Quality Control Department. Today the Studio has at its' disposal 20 clipping rooms (audio, video).

The Studio disposes of the sets of filming equipment: ARRI ALEXA, RED EPIC, SONY HD-900R, ULTRA PRIME, DISTAGON CARL ZEISS, ARRI ALURA, etc & sound recording equipment (Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Neumann) and other auxiliary machinery cameraman's car, etc.